Dave Thomson Poem

A mighty weapon in the hand of God

A poem inspired by the life of Robert Murray M‘Cheyne

A Poem by Dave Thompson

A mighty weapon in the hand of God is a holy man!
Like the jaw bone of an ass in Samson’s grip is he in his Master’s hand.
Emboldened by God’s sovereign grace and empowered by His truth,
he’ll storm the very gates of hell, its strongholds to uproot.

He’ll face God’s foes and even death and take his stand alone,
for he cares not for this mortal life, but for God’s glory does he groan.
The whole counsel of God he lives to defend, regardless of whom it offends,
for he knows that regardless of how it’s received, it will glorify God in the end.

With the gospel light and the sword of truth he hunts for Christ’s lost sheep,
to tell them of their Savior’s blood and his love that is so deep.
He stands upon the throne of grace and shouts for all to hear,
“Behold the very Lamb of God, the Son of God so dear.

His hands, his feet, his riven side and the crown of thorns he wore,
speak plainly of the love He has for those whose sin he bore.
But the wrath of God abides on you, til He’s pleased to give you faith.
Repent o sinner and flee to Christ, cast yourself upon His grace.”

He stands before his triune God in awe and holy fear.
Some things he doesn’t understand, but one thing is oh so clear.
Dust bows down to majestic glory, humble and contrite.
Only when it see His sovereignty will it cease it’s foolish fight.

So, he makes no apologies for God’s holy sovereign grace,
but he hates today’s false gospel that’s a watered down disgrace.
Jealous for God’s glory and the good of Christ’s dear sheep,
he will not keep his mouth shut just to keep false peace.

He is not snared by the fear of man, but he trembles at God’s word.
He cannot hold back the truth as he wields God’s mighty sword.
His preaching exalts the grace of God and exposes man’s hateful pride
and thus promotes true holiness in Christ’s dear and precious bride.

Like the jaw bone of an ass in Samson’s grip is he in his Master’s hand.
A might weapon in the hand of God is a holy man.

Dave Thompson